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We endeavor to maintain an environmentally friendly business model while designing as “green” a footprint possible. As a full range “value-added services” provider, we are confident we can be your supplier of choice based on our extensive product portfolio, Quality Care Group, proactive global sourcing programs, and extensive cross-industry experience. Please review some of our unique services outlined below and contact us to improve your bottom line and increase your industry awareness. 

KP International

Analytical Lab: – K P International has a state-of-the-art laboratory with an experienced and qualified team. Our Lab is equipped with modern experimental set-ups to conduct a range. We take pride in providing products and services that will meet or exceed current specifications with every shipment.

KP International

Quality Control:-.The Quality Control Team within K P International endeavors to ensure that the overall quality of our product and procedures are maintained to our best-in-class industry standards. Products are tested on the substrates they’re prepared for using modern equipment that can replicate what our customers do in their operations I am repeatedly reminded of the quality and high level of innovation going on in all aspects of the chemical manufacturing sector.

Technical support & documentation:- Our Technical staff is well Experienced in chemical industries. Our team can recommend appropriate use levels and suggest alternative solutions or formulations to your product development issues. Regulatory, quality and technical documentation requirements have increased enormously over the last decade. Our team will provide you with the proper documents you need on time. As part of our Quality Management System (QMS), we collect and maintain an extensive product and supplier documentation database. Constant R&D on engineering to increase our yields and decrease your buying cost.

KP International

Price Advantage:- Due to our vast experience of the chemical sector and customer relation base, we can identify quality suppliers at very competitive prices for our clients.

KP International

Customer services: – K P International work for customers who appreciate the reliability and dependability of usefulness. We always go the extra mile to ensure your requirements for chemicals, whether mixed, formulated, or acquired, are fully satisfied. We are committed to providing clients with consistent quality, timely delivery, efficient services, and the most economical price for our importers.


Contract Manufacturing: –

K P International Works Our facility is suitable for bulk manufacturing of multistep products since we have the prowess of handling varied reactions, the appropriate infrastructure and most importantly our integrity & professional ethics.


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